Why an engagement session?

The engagement session is offered in every wedding photography package. It allows us to better know each other. So the day of your wedding, I will not be a stranger anymore. So it is quite a stress relief! Thanks to your engagement session experience, you will feel more comfortable with me and in front of the camera. You will also understand more easily what to do (and especially not to do)! So the results will be much better the day of your wedding!

Where does the engagement session take place?

Mostly outside. It has to be in a place you like and where you feel comfortable.
It is better somewhere with not too many people and with a beautiful landscape. It could be next to a lake, to a river, on a beach, next to the castle, on your granddad’s field, on the top of a mountain, on a rooftop, Twin Cities downtown. Or you can choose a more unexpected place: a ranch with horses, a street full of graffiti, a museum, an opera, etc. It will be the same for your photo session location.

When does the engagement session take place?

It could take place months before your wedding, or a few days before. There exists no rule. Nevertheless most of couples chose to do it months before in order to confirm their choice regarding the photographer.

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How should we dress for the engagement session?

Here again, there exists no rule. Most of the couples are dressed with casual clothes. Of course I strongly recommend that you coordinate colors.
However, some couples want to be dressed in a more sophisticated way with beautiful and elegant dress and suite. And, some other couples use a wedding dress and a wedding suit. This last case happens quite often with Asian couples, easily allowed by the cheapest price of Chinese dresses.

Use Your Engagement Session’s Pictures.

If you do it a long time before, you can use pictures of your engagement session to design your save-the-date card. You can also use pictures to make a projection the D-Day.

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Pratical question about engagement session.


Do I need to make-up and go to the hairdresser?

No rule.
Makeup artist and hairdresser can really change a face (for the best or the worst).
But here again there is no rule. You decide what you want, what you feel more comfortable with.
Most of girls can easily do their makeup by themselves. If you have a good hairdresser you love (and trust), it could be a good opportunity to go. A good idea could be to test your makeup artist and hairdresser in the morning, and keep it during the afternoon for the photo session!

Should we bring some accessories?

If you want, you can bring few of them, like props, to make some “funny” pictures with. It could be a good way to have fun.
But most of pictures will be more “naturals”, focused on you, with no accessory.