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“For people who care about photography and have high expectations.”

Artistic and Documentary Photography

For you, photography is something important, more than just a piece of paper. It is what you, your children, children of your children, will watch again and again through a nice leather album: it represents your memories, your family legacy. It matters.

With an artistic eye, I offer documentary photographs that testify of every moment of this special day. From the very morning, until the end of the night, close to you as well as remaining discreet, I will bring to you narrative, emotional, full of joy and energy pictures.

I consider posed photo and fake smiles as something from another age. I prefer to catch the beauty in authentic moments. For me, simplicity sounds like elegance, and accuracy like spontaneity. My pictures will make you remember all your feelings, love, smells, sounds and much more from this very fast but wonderful day. I can guarantee you!

French Touch Photography - Wedding Photography Minneapolis

Natural and Candide Pictures

Natural Style

Except for group pictures, I don’t do posed picture. Real moments are always more authentic, and more powerful. It’s my job to catch those true and fugitives moments. The more candid picture I can do, the happier I am. Nevertheless I do understand that some guest want a nice « classical » portrait, and I will be happy to make them happy. In a way, I’m not a « traditional » wedding photographer.

All Pictures

All my packages include the USB flash drive with ALL the pictures retouched in High Definition, free of rights. Your wedding pictures are yours! You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t sell them. In other words, you can share them with your parents, print them in a poster in your living room, or put them on the internet.

All Pictures of your wedding
Retouched pictures Minnesota

Retouched Pictures

Simplicity, light and color pictures. That’s the way I like pictures. Retouch is a needed way to improve the quality of the image. That why, after editing, each picture is undergoing a chromatic improvement (color correction, contrast, saturation, sharpened, crops), using a high level equipment (calibrated photo screen, special software). It’s not just a quick click in a software, it’s almost 4 days of post-production. For my clients I will never use an Automatic Photoshop!

Fast Delivery

After the wedding day, your pictures will be completely retouched in a very short delay! It’s a lot of work for me, but I know that you can’t wait to see your pictures. That why I guarantee a 2-months delivery for your pictures. What’s more, the week after your wedding, in order to relax your mind during your honeymoon, you will receive, as an appetizer, a short selection of the first dozen pictures retouched.

Fast Delivery of your wedding
Clear Contract

Clear Contract

When you work with me, all prices are clear.
No tricky, no hidden charges, no additional tax and no need to use your calculator to understand. Your budget is under control! You know before all what you are going to pay.
The contract includes also many important points for your security.


The USB flash drive containing all of your pictures is not the final product. Indeed, they are the primary elements for the creation of your family photo album. It is the book you will share with your friends, relatives, and soon with your kids. It doesn’t only testify your love, it represents also the foundation of your family’s history. That is why we are proud to provide you with the best quality products: French and Italian photo books.

Leather Photo Album
Engagement session for wedding

Engagement session

All my prices include an engagement session. It is not an additional option, but a quality service for you. So, on your wedding day you will already know me, how I work and how to feel comfortable in front of my camera!

Flexibility and Tailor-made service

I offer from a simple package including and USB flash drive containing all the retouched pictures, to some more complete packages with albums for you, your parents, your best friends, printings, posters, trash the dress session, etc.
If you don’t find the right match package for your need, I will be happy to give you a personal advice.
You can also use the online simulator to make an estimation.

Tailormade Service

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Free engagement session

The best way to know your photographer before your wedding!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If the result doesn't please you, I simply give the money back to you!

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“I have been lucky enough to cover thousands of weddings in the E.U. for the past 12 years. Each wedding is unique, each time it’s a new story to tell. Do your heart and your gut tell you I could testify of your story?
Then contact me, let’s share about your wedding dream, and I will be happy to do my best to testify of this moment.
That’s simple, I can guarantee you an entire satisfaction otherwise I will give the money back to you!
Don’t be afraid of my terrible French accent (my wife would say lovely), contact me.”